Z-Wave Hardware Installation

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Installing Z-Wave hardware should be performed with great care, as you will be working with the electrical system in your home or apartment. In any case, these are a few things you should always remember:

  • Shutoff all power.
  • Test the lines that you will be working on to ensure they are off.

Outside of this, please follow the instructions that came with your Z-Wave hardware or consult a licensed electrician to install it for you. In the case of older homes, you may need a special Z-Wave device for fixtures with no neutral wire. In any case, consult the manufacturer's website if you cannot locate proper installation instructions.


Depending on the type of device, it may require a neutral wire in the rockerbox (e.g. relay-based switches). Make sure to get the right ones fitting your cabling and lamp types.

Important things

  • Don't move your Z-Wave nodes (except portable controllers) around after inclusion. Always remove them from the network and add them again. If you run SIS mode, please don't forget to quick reload the router after deleting the device. After the quick reload, add it again.