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Usage Information

ASUS P1-AH2 Barebones

 CPU Type	 AMD Athlon 64/FX/X2 up to 4600+ GHz
 CPU Socket	 AMD Socket AM2
 FSB	         1000MHz HyperTransport
 North Bridge	 NVIDIA GeForce 6150
 Memory slot	 2 x 240Pin
 Memory Type Supported	 DDR2 667/800
 Max Memory Supported	 2GB
 Dual Channel Memory Supported	 YesPCI Express	 None
 PCI	 2
 IDE ATA	 1 x ATA 133
 Serial ATA	 2 x SATAII 300
 Onboard Video	 GeForce 6150
 Onboard Audio	 Azalia ALC86-DTS
 Channel	 6-CH
 Max LAN Speed	 10/100/1000Mbps
 3.5" Internal bays	 1
 5.25" External bays	 1
 Front USB	 2
 Front IEEE 1394	 2
 Front S/PDIF Out	 Yes
 Front Audio Ports	 2 jacks
 Card Reader	 3 in 1
 PS/2	 2 
 COM	 1
 LPT	 1 
 VGA	 1 x DVI
 1 x D-sub
 TV-Out	 S-Video + RCA
 Rear USB	 2 
 Rear Audio Ports	 3 jacks
 Power Supply
 Power Supply	 250W (PFC)


With bios version 0404 you can install AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPUs up to 6000+, the specs above were prior to this bios release. Very sturdy well built pc with a small footprint. I currently do not have a capture card in mine, but have read reviews stating that a capture card will fit but the install will be tight. I am currently running a Sempron 3000+ with 1GB ram and as a hybrid this machine works beautifully. Quick install DVD works fine with no video card related issues due to the nvidia 6150. Also am using spdif optical out with no issues. The only negative for this machine is that the spdif out is on the FRONT of the machine. So if you're using this out in the open you'll have to deal with looking at a cable coming out of the front if you use the optical out. Since I'm not doing any video capture, I can't comment much on performance, but running UI2 with overlay and playing .avi movies the machine doesn't even break a sweat. With the Sempron 3000+ I cannot play 1080p but can play 720p with no problems.

Link: (This item has been deactivated at NewEgg)