AVWizard command line

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Display online help that will describe to user how to use the AVWizard command line

-screen <screen name>

Display only specified screen from wizard. That option may be used to fast fix one setting without following all steps.

-set <property URL>=<value>

Set up one property of some component. When the screen is loaded, the other options will be ignored

Property URL is in that form: Page/Control/PropertyName

-get <property URL>

Get the value of the specified URL without starting the wizard. Any other commands will be ignored. Anyway, more -get command will display cleanly one by one the command line output. The output result will be inside apostrophes to be simple parsed.

Property URL is in that form: Page/Control/PropertyName

-generate_defaults [Directory Name] That command generates default dialogs (if they are not defined). If may be used when the user broke something or to start cleanly the wizard. It generates only the dialogs, the settings will not be changed.