Abrook IP502

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Version Status Date Updated Updated By
710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 Unknown N/A N/A
1004 Unknown N/A N/A
1204 Unknown N/A N/A
1404 Unknown N/A N/A
Usage Information


The Abrook IP502 IP camera is not yet known to work with LMCE. I'll update this page once I receive mine in the mail

Features and Specifications

  • Ethernet 10/100 (RJ45 Connection)
  • Resolution: 640x480, 320x240, 160x120
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • Infrared LEDs: 6 LED's automatic operate in dark environment
  • Compress format : M-JPEG
  • Movement: 120° up and down, 180° left to right
  • Display: LCD displays the IP address /Network mask/gateway IP etc.
  • Storage: CF Slot for local storage
  • Input/Output ports: 2 relay inputs and 1 relay output
  • Video Connections: 10 connections at once
  • Integrated Web Server
  • Security: 3 levels of access restrictions
  • CPU: 32bit Arm @ 66MHz -- SDRAM 16MB -- Flash 4MB
  • Camera OS is running on Linux Kernel 2.6, Web Server is BOA