Adding Xine subtitle fonts

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Adding Xine subtitle fonts.

If your subtitles are unreadable, chances are you are missing some fonts in your xine-fonts directory. In LMCE, due to the fact that xine is embedded inside LMCE, you need to add the fonts to a differant directory then usuall.

Here's how you do it

Note that the fonts you add need to be "xine-fonts"

Regular Xine Player

The on accessed from the KDE-Desktop, put the fonts in:


Then under options change the font name to the one you just installed and don't forget to set the correct encoding.

LinuxMCE Embedded Xine

The one accessed via Orbiter, put the fonts in:


Then edit /etc/pluto/xine.conf as follows:

¨#subtitles.separate.font:sans¨ change to: 
¨subtitles.separate.font:<name of the installed font>¨
¨#subtitles.separate.src_encoding:iso-8859-1¨ change to: 
¨subtitles.separate.src_encoding:<the correct encoding>¨

Note that lines were uncommitted to make them active