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Alx9r's Sample Setup
System Diagram

There are some decisions that I made when designing my system whose importance might not be obvious just by reading about how I set the system up. I have tried to describe the motivation behind those decisions here.

Network Topology

If you have looked at my system diagram you might have noticed that I use a dedicated wireless router to connect my home to the internet. As far as I know, a LinuxMCE core is quite a capable router (surely more capable than my WRT54GL) and I would guess other LinuxMCE users are using their cores as their main router to the outside world.

I chose not to use my LinuxMCE core as my main router to the outside world for this reason: My core spends a lot of time in the down state, mostly because I end up tinkering with it to get it running just right. Whenever my core is down (i.e. when rebooting, installing LinuxMCE fresh) it will not operate as a router, and no one in the house can use the internet. It was simply impractical to go without internet whenever my core was down.

Hard Drive Configuration

Look here for the rationale behind my hard drive configuration.

Alx9r's Sample Setup
Materials Network Gear · Hybrid Core (living room) · AV Gear (living room) · Orbiters · Glue
Preparation Router Setup · Aquos TV Power-on
Hybrid Core pre-LinuxMCE Setup Assembly · BIOS Tweaks · Hardware Testing · NAS Media Drive Setup
Hybrid Core LinuxMCE Installation Bare-metal Install · AV Wizard · Sarah (Setup Wizard) · Special Steps · PVR-150 Remote · Aquos TV · Denon Receiver · Media Drive Setup · Laptop Orbiter · Webpad Orbiter
Hybrid Core Additional Software Bittorrent · Synergy
Toolkit Laptop · telnet/ssh client · Remote Mouse and Keyboard · Partition Tools
Design Rationale Network Topology · NAS