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Usage Information
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Product Specifications

Quiet and highly efficient 80 PLUS® Certified EarthWatts 380W power supply
- Universal input
- Active PFC and high efficiency design for superior environmentally-friendly operation
- Power Connectors: 2 (SATA), 6 (4 pin molex), 1 (4 pin mini-molex) - 80 PLUS® Certification means you’ll save money on your power bills
Triple-chamber structure
to isolate power supply and hard drive heat for cooler & quieter operation
Advanced cooling system:
- 2 sidemounted 120 mm TriCool™ 3-speed fans
4 Drive Bays
- Front Accessible: 2 x 5.25”
- Internal: 2 x 3.5” removable HDD trays with silicone grommets to isolate drive vibrations
4 Expansion Slots
Front-mounted ports for easy multimedia connections
- 2 x USB 2.0
- Audio In and Out
0.8 mm cold-rolled steel construction
Accommodates up to MicroATX motherboards (9.6” x 9.6”)
Unit Dimensions:
- 5.5" (H) x 17.5" (W) x 16.3" (D)
- 13.97cm (H) x 44.5cm (W) x 41.4cm (D)
Package dimensions:
- 8.1” (H) x 20.1” (W) x 19.5” (D)
- 20.5 (H) x 51 (W) x 49.5 (D) cm
- Net:17.35lb / 7.87kg
- Gross: 20.5lb / 9.30kg


This case makes a perfect LinuxMCE solution! I am using a Pentium 4 processor, an Intel 850E Chipset, and 250GB HDD. My CPU is passively cooled so NO NOISE. If you are planning on buying a heat sink and fan for your CPU, please make sure that it will fit a desktop case. Also, a specialized cooling fan for your GPU is almost out of the question due to the case's height dimensions. The case is long and so if you have an enclosed home entertainment stand then it may not fit. Finally, the 380w PSU fails to meet the power requirements of the latest video cards. If your video card is a power hog then you can always replace the PSU for another full ATX PSU. The case is made to fit microATX motherboards.

Overall, the case provides easy installation of components, fully compartmentalized for cooling, and is quiet.

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