Asterisk Extension with Nokia Phone

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Usage Information

Imagine being on vacations and someone calls your home phone number and your mobile rings.

With phones having SIP clients, it's possible to have an extension of your home system.

My Nokia N95 became an extension of my home system, and i will describe how.

Webadmin -> Wizard -> Phones -> Add Device.

Select Generic Sip Phone (device template #1734)-> Pick device.

Take note of the extension number and extension number password. You will need to inform it in the Nokia configuration below.

After done, configure you Nokia like:

  1. configure your phone with your home wireless access point and make sure that phone can navigate. By default it will ask for a DHCP leased IP, so it will be hooked to the 192.168.80.* subnet
  2. go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connections -> SIP settings and create e new profile with the following config:
  3. Profile Name : name of your choice
  4. Service profile : IETF
  5. Default access point : your access point
  6. Public user name : sip:userid@ (where userid should be the extension number created in webadmin)
  7. Use compression : no
  8. Registration : always on
  9. Use security : no
  10. Proxy Server
  11. Proxy server address : sip:
  12. Realm : asterisk (it is asterisk by default, unless it is differently set in /etc/asterisk/sip.conf)
  13. User name : extension number
  14. Password : extension number password
  15. Allow loose routing : yes
  16. Transport type : UDP
  17. Port : 5060
  18. Registrar server
  19. Registrar serv. addr. : sip:
  20. Realm : none
  21. User name : extension number
  22. Password : none
  23. Transport type : UDP
  24. Port : 5060
  25. Save all
  26. Go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connections -> Internet Tel and create a new Internet Tel profile, chossing the SIP profile you created before.

If everything is right, you will be able to place "internet calls" from the Nokia Phone, which acts as a telefone device of your system.

If you plan to have it also working from outside your home, i suggest you enable a PPTP server and get SymVPN, a PPTP client for Symbian.

Have this configured, i do have two sip profiles, one for inside the house and other for outside, enbling me to have an extension of my telecom system from any wifi spot, public or not, even at my work.