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Where to place your LinuxMCE components

Media Directors

Media Directors are easy. They usually connect to a TV and should be placed next to the TV, just like a DVD player or a VCR. The Media Directors do have computers inside and need ventilation, so you cannot put them in an enclosed cabinet (unless you put some ventilation fans in the back, which can be rather noisy). The ideal placement, therefore, is on an open shelf. Media Directors should have stylish, small cases (such as high quality brushed aluminum), so they will look good anywhere you put them.

The Core server

The LinuxMCE Core requires a bit more consideration. First, remember that your phone lines and your internet connection (DSL/cable modem/router, etc.) will need to plug into the Core.

The other consideration when choosing the location of the LinuxMCE Core is that it needs to stay cool. It is a powerful, multi-processor commercial server. Be sure to put it somewhere where the temperature will not exceed 75 F/24 C. In fact, the cooler the better for all electronics. Your other electronic devices, such as lighting systems, and so on, will also run more reliably when they are in a cool place.

Central wiring closet

Normally all the CAT5 cabling in your house will terminate in a central wiring closet. Hopefully your internet connection, phone lines, alarm panel, lighting control system, etc., all terminate here as well. If this is the case, this is the logical place to put the Core.

Location other than a central wiring closet

If your DSL/Cable connection is located somewhere other than the central wiring closet, it is possible to locate the LinuxMCE server next to the DSL/cable modem. It can connect through one of its two Ethernet cards to the DSL/cable modem.

The LinuxMCE Core PC would then be connected to the rest of the LAN using a second internal Ethernet card, by connecting it to the central router or switch for the LAN.

Wiring Considerations

For more information about types of CAT5 wiring, see wiring considerations.


The Orbiters are easy. They are meant to be mobile remote controls. They are often wireless and battery operated. Some are available with a table-top cradle or a wall-mount cradle that can charge the batteries of a movile remote control.</p>