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The Clock Sreen Saver is a DCE device, available on LinuxMCE 1404 and higher, that you can run under Orbiter to provide a clock display on your screen when the Orbiter screen timeout is reached. The Clock Screen Saver can be used to replace the Photo Screen Saver or it can be installed on standalone Orbiter devices.

The Clock Screen Saver has been produced to replace the existing Orbiter clock that appears when the screen saver timeout is reached and no child screen saver device is installed. The old Orbiter clock used some trickery in Orbiter to refresh the screen continually to enable the screen updates. This has caused excessive cpu usage on certain devices. The old Orbiter clock has been disabled now and if you wish to continue that functionality you will need to install the Clock Screen Saver as a child device of the appropriate Orbiter device.


The Clock Screen Saver, DT #2313, is configurable on an individual basis and uses minimal cpu. Each configuration item must be on it's own line (\n seperated) and each key/value must end with a "|". The Clock Screen Saver has default values for each item. No configuration data need be provided and you only need to provide the data you wish to change from the defaults.

Default Configuration Data is as follows:



  • time_style - can be one of "24", "12", "AMPM"
  • time_font - the location of the font you wish to use
  • time_size - the font size for the time (dynamically determined at runtime if not set)
  • time_color - the font colour for the time (red, green, blue, alpha)
  • bkg_color - the screen background colour (red, green, blue, alpha)
  • bkg_image - the location of the background image for behind the time
  • bkg_location - the render location for the bkg_image "centered", "home", "tiled", "fit"