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Contributing to the documentation

You can contribute to the documentation by adding to an existing page or creating a ones. There is a discussion aimed at improving the documentation on the forum.

To do list

There is a discussion aimed at improving the documentation on the forum.
There is a list of things to do here on the LinuxMCE wiki:Community Portal, along with a list of pages needing attention. If you are not coding, please help complete the documentation. Any one can categorize and organize the pages as necessary. You can join the Wikiworkgroup and help in the documentation effort.

Log-in credentials

The credentials necessary to enter editing mode are the same used on the forum. If you do not yet have an account, proceed to the forum and create one.

Editing and syntax help

For help on how to create and edit pages in this wiki, read Add a page to the wiki, editing articles, editing, and Short Howto on Wiki. Be sure to take note of the standard templates and Versioninfo. The list of available templates is here.
To make sure your page is clear, answer the questions on the Classification worksheet

Contributing code

See Contribute.

Contributing QA/Testing

We have setup an automated build system that creates a new test release each night, and a bug tracking system. Since programmers never like to test and debug, yet that's what matters most when building a user base, we really need some detail oriented people to stress LinuxMCE and go through all the functions to flush out all the bugs.

Contributing with promotions

We need to get a substantial user base so the companies that make products for the home are motivated to support LinuxMCE and to get momentum behind the development. If you're good at promotion, like making a demo video or flash animation, or posting announcements, or getting some press interest, why not lend a hand?

Contributing finances

Left for the admin team to fill out.

Join us!

If you'd like to join the team, feel free to dive right in, and add yourself to the Contacts page.
If you'd like some orientation and assistance, you'll find our contact info there. We're happy to email, IM, Skype/phone, or chat with anybody interested in joining the team. Join us!