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Cover Art Admin Page

This section is designed to allow users to download from Amazon website cover arts for their audio and video files, and also for attributes.

Select the "Cover Art" drop down menu item from the "Files & Media" link in the center of the admin website (http://localhost/pluto-admin/index.php). There are links for selecting the media (files/discs/attributes) you want to sync (default is "Files with no cover art"); on upper right side there are a text box with the number of records per page and the type of your media (Music or DVD).

NOTE: selecting "All files" can return a huge number of records.

Default all records are selected, and the primary keyword used for search on Amazon are the file name without extension, disc number or attribute name.


For discs, you'll have to type the keyword (name of album or whatever). You can refine your search using the filters, who are specific for each media type (for Music there are "Artist" and "Album" and for DVD there are "Actor", "Director", "Publisher" and "Title"), all of the according to Amazon API, which is used in back-end to retrieve the cover arts.

Once your selection is done, click "Scan for cover arts" who will connect to Amazon and try to retrieve cover arts based on your keywords and extra filters. The records and the jpg files will be stored in a temporary location. You will be redirected to a page "match cover arts" where you can assign for each item you scanned the cover art who was extracted; default is set to "no matches" to avoid setting wrong cover art by mistake.

Pick correct cover art for your items then click "Match Cover Art": the cover arts will be assigned to the media (file/disc/attribute) and the jpg files will be copied in the permanent directory (default /home/mediapics), the rest of them will be deleted from temporary location, also those with "no matches" checked.

The records from temporary tables CoverArtScan and CoverArtScanEntry will be deleted too, so if you didn't have any matches for your media, you can try again using more or less filters, or changing the spelling for the keywords.

If you want linuxmce to download cover art from another than the US server, have a look here to find out how to change the server.

Custom Cover Art

If you want to add custom cover art, then use Media Files Sync