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A quick duct tape note: The thing that tells LinuxMCE to show the list of files is the message Populate Datagrid, which gets send from the Orbiter ID in question to the Datagrid Plugin. There are a couple of things that need to be set. For all media you need to set:

  • ID (Parameter 10) to be 94
  • Datagrid ID (Parameter 15) to be MediaFile_<device-id-of-orbiter>
  • PK_DataGrid (Parameter 38) to 63
  • Width (Parameter 60) to 1
  • Height (Parameter 61) to 8

Now, one other variable is used to specify WHAT is included in this list.

Options (Parameter 39) is complex

It is a pipe | delimited list of options.

  1. Mediatype
  2. SubmediaType
  3. Fileformat
  4. Attribute_Genres
  5. Sources
  6. Users Private
  7. Attributetype Sort
  8. Users
  9. Last Viewed
  10. PK_Attribute

If you look at /var/log/pluto/DCERouter.log you will notice how the options change depending on what you select.