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Usage Information
Firewall Rules Admin Page

This page explains how to disable the Firewall on the Core, this is not recommended, but can be helpful when trying to remote access your core and web admin from the external network.

Web Admin Page

This is the easiest way, just login to your web admin on the core itself and check the "IPv4 Firewall disabled" and / or the "IPv6 Firewall disabled" box

For more info on the Firewall Rules click here [1]

Command Line

If for whatever reason you need to disable the firewall from command line, you can do so editing /etc/pluto.conf

Just add the following to this file

DisableFirewall = 1
DisableIPv6Firewall = 1

to enable it change the 1 to 0

After editing and saving the file, reboot the core for this change to become effective