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I was looking for a way to provide recipes anywhere in the house and outside but especially to my Kitchen MD. I looked at several ways and then thought it would be good to do a personal Wiki. I did some investigation and found that Dokuwiki may be a good fit. Once a Wiki is et up I found many uses for it including 'to do' lists and shopping lists.

Installing Dokuwiki

sudo su
cd /var/www/
tar xvzf dokuwiki-latest.tgz
mv /var/www/dokuwiki* /var/www/wiki 
chmod -R 775 data/
chown -R www-data: data/
chown -R www-data: conf/
chmod -R 775 conf/
cd data/
chown www-data: {attic,cache,index,locks,media,meta,pages,tmp}
chmod 2775 {attic,cache,index,locks,media,meta,pages,tmp}

Once you have done the above you can run the installer by going to (where is the IP address of your core), run the install link. Set up a superuser and then set permissions as neccessary. For interest I set it up so that 'All' have no access, but 'USERS' have 'edit' access. Access using:

Bookmarking Dokuwiki

there should be added some method to add lines to the book mark file - dont know how to do this other than below:

sudo nano /home/user_1/bookmarks.html

at the bottom add the following:

<A HREF="" ADD_DATE="1183913195" LAST_CHARSET="ISO-8859-1" ID="rdf:#$vQWJZ">WIKI<$

Things left to do

  • Make it an install package
  • make it use LMCE user names and passwords
  • Make it available to add via web Admin
  • Make it automatically add a Bookmark for itself.