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The Egg Timer device (DT #2336) is a logic device. It doesn't really do stuff, but is used to provide additional event logic. In this case, a timer to be used when you want stuff ON for a specific amount of time, and OFF after the time has run up.

Egg Timer is as of today only available as a download from deb.


  • Download from deb and store in /usr/pluto/bin and make it executable.
  • Create a child under the core using the above mentioned device template.
  • Quick reload the router or execute /usr/pluto/bin/


  • Create an Event, probably in "Respond To Events"
  • Instead of sending an ON command to the light you want on for 5 minutes, send StartTimer to Egg Timer with DeviceToLink containing the device ID of the light, and Timeout to 300 seconds. Now, each time the motion is triggered, the timer device is set to 300 seconds before it turns off the light.
  • The latest version has an additional parameter VerifyStateDeviceID - if you add the Device ID of a sensor, egg timer will verify the state of that sensor and extend the timer if the sensor's status is TRIPPED.


The advantage of the egg timer over the use of the Delay command is, that the one timer is always extended, so after the first 300 seconds the light will not be turned off, if after the initial motion there has been another motion say 100 seconds later. It will result in turning the light off at 400 seconds after the initial motion.