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Usage Information

Emails from core

Starting from LinuxMCE 10.04 build 25817 there is a simple to configure email support build-in. In "Webadmin -> Wizard -> Basic Info -> Email Setup" you can configure how the core can send emails to the outside world.

At the moment of this writing this is only used to forward incoming faxes as PDF to email receiver. But one could imagine other uses in future like mailing alerts on different events (like disk full e.t.c.)

Email settings screen

On the first section you set your sender's Name and email address. Make sure that you use an email address that exists, or at least a domain name that exists. Your SMTP provider could verify these informations on receiving email, and block your mail if the return address is not reachable.

On the second section you have to enter all your SMTP server settings. If you want it even simpler, then use one of the preconfigured providers and just enter your username and password. For now Yahoo, Hotmail and Google Mail are supported out of the box.

You can test your settings with the test button, but MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR SETTINGS FIRST.

Email reader

Run an email program by switching to the Kubuntu desktop

  • The KDE desktop (Kubuntu) is accessible from a Media Director. Press CTRL-ALT-F7 to bring up the Kubuntu desktop.
  • Open either the Kmail, Evolution, or Thunderbird email program from the Kubuntu menu. Use the program as normal.
  • Press CTRL-ALT-F11 to return to LinuxMCE.

Access web-based email using Firefox

The LinuxMCE Admin Website runs from within a normal Firefox web browser window. You can use the Firefox browser for any web-browsing purpose as well. If you have Yahoo mail or similar web-browser based email, you can access it from Firefox as usual.

Using Email from an Orbiter

To use email from an on-screen Orbiter on a Media Director, you must designate an email "installed program" first.

  • See the Computing guide to see how to add and use an external "installed program".