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EnOcean’s unique combination of miniaturized energy harvesting modules with ultra low power radio technology is the basis for innovative maintenance free wireless sensors. EnOcean technology adds unparalleled flexibility at lowest investment and operational cost.

  • Building Automation- Self-powered wireless sensors from EnOcean cut the cost and time of installation and enable efficient use of energy.
  • Home Automation - Self-powered wireless sensors form EnOcean make a home intelligent and energy-efficient.
  • Industrial Automation - Smart sensors know what your surroundings are all about. Self-powered wireless sensors from EnOcean are enabling entirely new solutions wherever you look.
  • Case Studies - Self-powered wireless sensor technology from EnOcean is already world-wide in use.


The implementation can be found here: http://svn.linuxmce.org/trac.cgi/browser/branches/LinuxMCE-0810/src/EnOcean_TCM120

It will be shipped with 0810. The DCE device is based on the EnOcean LGPL library (http://sourceforge.net/projects/enoceanlib/)



How to install and use EnOcean

The Interface

  • Plug in the USB device
  • Reload the Router
  • Go into web admin and manually add the EnOcean device via the Interface section
  • Now some software should be downloaded and installed
  • Specify the COM Port
  • Reload the router

For The Switches

Now, for each of the rocker switches, you need to look at the /var/log/pluto/<device-id-of-TCM120>_EnOcean_TCM120.log (in the following example it is device ID 83

tail -f /var/log/pluto/83_EnOcean_TCM120.log
  • Press the rocker switch
  • Note the hex number printed (in this example it is 0x0010cbba
05	06/08/09 21:37:32.094		Received RPS U-Message Node 0x0010cbba
  • Go to the web admin
  • Show the device tree
  • Select the enocean device
  • Create child of device type 1947 - Remote Switch
  • in the device data field enter the decimal representation of the node number as the Port / Channel number. In my case 1100730
  • Reload Router

Hint: For people who like some help converting hex to dec, try Wolfram|Alpha.