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Gizmo5 (Formally known as "The Gizmo Project") is a VoIP carrier that allows to place calls to fixed lines numbers for free in a wide range of countries and at cheap rates.

Upon registration, 10 cents is automatically credited to your account so you may test the functionality of Gizmo.

Gizmo also has the ability to accept VoIP-in calls, (by assigning a local number to the subscriber) even if this feature is not active in every country.

In my country, Gizmo is not yet offering VoIP-in, so I use it only for placing outgoing calls.


Here follow the steps to configure Gizmo in Asterisk:

  1. Go to the LinuxMCE Admin site and on the left pane, Go to Devices -> Phone Lines.
    1. Uncheck Also prepend a digit (1 for US/Canada, 0 for Europe) (also optional).
    2. Local Number Length 7 (the default).
  2. Hit the Update button.
  3. From the "Choose provider" select "sipgate (try for free, pay as you go)".
  4. Under the following in the fields listed:
    1. Username <sip number>
    2. Password <password>
    3. Phone number <sip number or incoming phone number>
    4. Host
  5. Click Submit
  6. Hit the Deactivate Automatic Configuration button, and the following Yes button.
  7. Click the click here link (next to "Manual configuration activated. To configure AMP, click")
  8. Click Trunks, and Trunk SIP/sipgate
  9. Under "Outgoing Dial Rules" change Dial Rules to whatever rules you require.
  10. You now can (optionally) modify other settings to your liking as well, however do NOT change the Trunk Name (leave it at the default sipgate). When done hit Submit Changes.
  11. Click Reload Required Apply Configuration Changes and Continue with reload.
  12. Go back to Wizard > Devices > Phone Lines and hit the Activate Automatic Configuration button, followed by the Yes and keep my advanced settings button.

When you see the status Registered followed by a date and time you should be able to make and receive calls.