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The Nintendo Wii had been a huge success whenever it was released years back. It was a pioneer in the world by introducing live motion controls and interaction with any game becoming played. However, Nintendo has become making a new successor and it is called the Nintendo Wii U. Therefore can expect that Nintendo is unleashing a brand new ideal that will however once more make a new standard in the gaming world. The Wii U Release Date is mentioned to become in early 2012. However the world was able to catch a look on how much the program might feel like because it has been released during one of the gaming world’s greatest occasion the E3 2011. This console has become explained as an element of the eight generation gaming console. When it has been discharged in that event, it has demonstrated a lot of promise within the world of gaming. Unlike its daddy, it will have the capability to display games in high definition at a resolution of 1080 pixels. This will be attained with the help of a new graphics card. It will even be faster than its predecessor with a multi-core processor for faster performance and game loading. It also sports bigger memory for Extra storage. But the supreme factor that wills really get noticed is the controller. The actual Wii was the first to introduce a motion controller. But, the Nintendo Wii U controller will sport a 6 inch touchscreen where you can play your game if the television is not available. The little screen will also serve as a hub for the system where you can access options and other things. The controller also share some similar features with Nintendo’s hottest instant console, the Nintendo 3DS. It has a camera, a gyroscope, an accelerometer for joining the adjustments in direction of the controller that can be used as an input for a game and a microphone. The system also aids a lot of audio formats for listening to music and other audio products. If you desire this console, Wii U Pre Order is already available on particular tech sites. Even though the Wii U release date is still in March 2012, a lot of people are today pre-ordering the console. The specs has currently been unveiled but the final hardware is yet to be last but at the very least, we have now seen what it might search like.