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The iOrbiter is a new style of web orbiter, that is using the iui CSS lib to provide an iPhone/iPod Touch kind of look. IOrbiter.jpg

How to install

The iOrbiter is only available via subversion at the moment. To get it

sudo apt-get install subversion
cd /var/www
sudo svn checkout /var/www/iOrbiter

From your iPhone/iPod Touch or other fairly recent web browsing device you can now connect to http://dcerouter/iOrbiter/iOrbiter.php


  • Make sure to select an initial room and an initial user.
  • If you want to return to the home screen, just refresh the page.


This should give an overview, about what is currently possible with the iOrbiter

Works pretty well

  • Support listing of rooms
  • Support display of what is playing atm in the current room
  • Selecting any lighting scenario
  • Selecting any climate scenario
  • Turning on/off MDs/Displays (Power screen of UI1)
  • Enqueue media files and switch between audio/video and TV
  • Stopping media (audio/video/TV) (Power screen of UI1)

In the works

  • Media Remote

In the future

  • Support for security scenarios