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Currently there is no direct support for the Internet TV station list in LinuxMCE. However, you can create the scenario shortcut to quick-start your favorite station.

Here is a link to two stations that you can try, I tried these ones and it works with this wiki.

  • Go to LinuxMCE Admin Website --> Advanced --> Configuration --> Scenarios --> Media Scenarios" and press "Add My Scenario" button.
  • Under "Add My Scenario" type a description, like "TV station". Check in which room you want this scenario to appear. Press "Save".
  • Click on the description of the scenario that you've just added.
  • In "Scenario commands" select "Media Plug-in" from the "Device:" drop-down and "MH Play Media" from the "Command:" drop-down. Press the "Add" button.
  • In the "#13 Filename (string)" field type the URL of your online radio station ( e.g.: mms:// ). In the "#29 PK_MediaType (int)" type 5. In the "#45 PK_EntertainArea (string)" put the number of the Entertaining Area (it usually starts from 1, see the note below). Press the "Save" button and the "Test Command" to see if it works.
  • Do a Quick Reload & Regen and you'll be able to see you TV station on the media menu of your Orbiter. Click on the button and it should start playing.

Notes and troubleshooting

  • Be aware that it adds an entry in the Movie scenario of your orbiters. Until now I have not found a easy way to delete the not working ones I tried. Heard from someone that you can manually delete them from the database.
  • An URL starting with numbers might not be stored correctly. If looked in the database you might find an extra / or only one in stead of the two in the URL. This can be changed in the database but after a reload of the router the urls will be wrong again. Still looking for a solutions for this
  • If TV station playback doesn't start - try playing it a couple times more. There is an issue in xine-lib which sometimes causes it to fail the first time.
  • Be sure not to put the URL of the playlist in "#13 Filename" parameter - it should be the URL of the station itself. Playlist URLs usually end with ".m3u" and ".pls". Download the playlist and get the URL of station from it (there can be many entries, each representing a mirror).
  • If you have issues identifying your Entertainment Area ID, you can query the DB directly:
  • At the terminal, start the mysql commandline:
mysql -u root -p pluto_main <enter>
then issue the following query
mysql> SELECT PK_EntertainArea, Description FROM EntertainArea;
  • Select the ID of the desired area from the list:
| PK_EntertainArea | Description      |
|                1 | Bedroom (Master) |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
type 'quit' to exit:
mysql> quit <enter>