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When buying the items I wanted something that has proven to work in other setups of LinuxMCE. So I used the hardware guide and Hybrid_Server_Newbie_Pack as guidance for the right hw.

Below is a table of all the items I used for the Core/hybrid (8.10):

Component Model Notes
Motherboard ABIT AN-M2HD Problem getting dvd using sata together with the hdd. Does not recognise Cpu model.(bios upgrade needed I guess)
heatsink Noctua NH-C12P should be good enough to cool w/o CPU fan, easy to install
RAM Corsair TWIN2X 6400 DDR2, 4096MB CL5,Kit w/two matched CM2X2048-6400 Dimm's
second ethernet adapter D-Link PCI Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - DVB-S Card none yet
DVB-T none yet
HDD 1 Samsung SpinPoint T166 320GB SATA2 16MB 7200RPM system/media drive(will make separate very soon)
HDD 2 none yet system drive
Bluetooth dongle D-LINK DBT-122 USB BLUETOOTH V1.2 ADAPTER Cheap, plug and play, seems stable
optical drive Lite-On Ide dvd-rw (dont know the model)
case ANTEC NSK2480-EC HTPC-CHASSI M-ATX Really priceworthy & silent
power supply incl. in the Antec case Quiet

Soon to come due to stuttering in 720p and Ui1. Zotac silence gt220.

MD 1 Acer_Aspire_Revo_1600 (3610) Just followed the wiki for the 1600 and it seem to work just fine. 720p is no problem and 1080p seems to work as well. Hdmi sound working after unmute in alsamixer. MD 2 Lenovo X61s Internal sound working after alsamixer fiddling. No way to control the volume though.

Lights: Zwave, controlled via Seluxit and included with the tricklestar(which has died on me now it seems)