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Now that I have a working SPA3102 integrated into my LinuxMCE system, I would like to utilize my existing hard wire phone, as an extension with FreePBX. Now where I live in the US, I am supplied by Verizon for my home phone. They came into the basement and hooked up their line to the pre-wiring that existed in the house. Their Red/Green hook to my Red/Green. To use the wiring that already existed in the house, I replaced the single jack phone plate with a dual in the office. It is on the wall by my core server, and also where the SPA3102 is installed. Here is how I have it wired. Keep in mind I have a single Analog line, and therefore the 4 conductor Red/Green/Yello/Black wiring in my house, is not currently using the Yellow/Black for anything.

Setting up your phone wiring

Plate Wiring

  • Bottom Jack
    • Red/Green from phone company to Red/Green on Jack
  • Top Jack
    • Yellow/Black from phone company wire to Red/Green on Jack

What this will do is allow me to take the Bottom Jack line into the "Line" of the SPA3102, and the Top Jack to the "Phone" of the SPA3102.

Verizon Block Wiring

  • Verizon "In" Red/Green on wiring block
    • Red/Green on wiring block to Red/Green wires feeding the office phone plate (Bottom Jack)
    • Yellow/Black on wiring block get hooked to Yellow/Black wires feeding the office phone plate (top jack)
  • Verizon wiring block Yellow/Black (currently not occupied by wires)
    • All other phone wires Red/Green, get terminated on the Yellow/Black screws of the Verizon wiring block.

We now have a complete routed circuit. Verizon feeding the SPA3102, the SPA3102 feeding the rest of the house. !!!!If you are not comfortable with wiring devices, please contact a local electrician, or skilled person to do the wiring for you!!!!!

Adding A Phone Extension in LinuxMCE

Create A Generic Phone Device to Represent Your House Line

  • Log into the lmce webmin
  • On left panel, click phones
    • Scroll to bottom, and click "Add device"
    • In the template window, use drop down, and select "Generic Phone" or ID# "1741"
    • Select "Pick device template"

You should now have a new extension listed in the right panel.

Modify extension settings to suit

  • Make sure your new device is controlled by "Asterisk" if not click below the name, and make it so
  • Give the extension a friendly name.
    • House Line
  • Assign it a room.
    • My main cordless phone system is on the Dining Room wall, so I chose Dining Room.
  • PK_FloorplanObjectType
    • Pluto Telephone
  • PhoneType
    • SIP
  • PhoneNumber
    • Leave it what i was assigned, mine was 206.
  • Password
    • This I changed to lmce, the cryptic one that was assigned by the system (206 encrypted) did not translate well into the SPA3102
    • Make it whatever you will remember, we will need it later when configuring the SPA.
  • Don't forget, if you use a floorplan, before you regen all orbiters, to use the floorplan wizard to place your new phone.
  • Scroll to the bottom and hit "Update"
  • Quick reload the router

Verify extension settings in Asterisk/FreePBX

  • From the webadmin, at the top, click Advanced > Configuration > Phones Setup

This will take you to the FreePBX admin page

  • Click "Extensions" on the left panel
  • In the right set of boxes, click the extension you just created (Mine was 206)
  • Verify the following info was correctly set:
    • secret - lmce (or whatever you changed it to)
    • canreinvite - no
    • context - from-internal
    • host - dynamic
    • type - friend
    • nat - yes
    • port - 5060
    • qualify - yes

The rest should be OK.

Congratulations, you have configured LinuxMCE to use your home phone as an extension!!! Beer!

Setting up the SPA3102 Line 1 "Phone" Jack

Please use the following summaries and images to configure the SPA3102 Line 1 jack.

Configure the Line 1 Tab

  • Log into the SPA3102 web server (If you used my other HowTo, it is at
    • In the top right, click "Admin login"
    • Then click "Advanced"
  • Click on the "Line 1" Tab
    • Line Enable - Yes
    • Network Settings
      • Network Jitter Level - High
      • Jitter Buffer Adjustment - up and down
    • SIP Settings
      • SIP Port - 5060  !!!! Important, otherwise you will always get all circuits busy when trying to dial out !!!!
    • Proxy and Registration
      • Proxy - - IP of core
    • Subscriber Information
      • Display Name - Line 1 (or any other friendly name to help identify the phone)
      • User ID - 206 (or whatever your extension number was assigned from LinuxMCE, mine was 206)
      • Password - lmce (or whatever you changed yours to during configuration)
    • Audio Configuration
      • Preferred Codec - G711u (there are many schools of thought on this one, the standard is G711u see FreePBX forums)
    • Dial Plan
      • Dial Plan - (*xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.) (again many schools of thought here. This is what is working for most)

Congratulations, you're done!!!!! Beers!

See the last image here to know what registered status looks like.






Again. If there is an easier way, or someone has a better set up, please feel free to modify this wiki.

Best Regards,

--Sethj 21:10, 11 October 2010 (CEST)