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LinuxMCE-0810-alpha1 is a test release build from the sources available in the LinuxMCE-0810 branch of SVN. It is missing several components of which the sources are not publicly available.

This page is superseeded by LinuxMCE-0810 alpha2


  1. Install Kubuntu Intrepid, update it and enable the restricted (video) drivers if needed. (download Kubuntu 8.10 release)
  2. Run aptitude update and aptitude dist-upgrade to get the latest Kubuntu updates.
  3. Grab the latest installer script from here, unpack them and change into the freshly created new-installer directory.
  4. Run the following scripts (as root, in order):,,
  5. Reboot, wait for the activity to stop (see progress on console 8).

In other words, after installing Kubuntu and upgrading it etcetera:

sudo su - #This might ask for the password you specified earlier during the install of kubuntu.
wget -c
tar xvf new-installer-alpha1.tar.bz2
cd new-installer

Setup Diskless MD

The following steps outline what is currently needed on an nVidia based MD.

  1. On core from a terminal run sudo /usr/pluto/bin/
  2. Boot MD
  3. Rundiskless setup fails, but the device gets created
  4. Change md to i386 in webadmin -> rebuild image
  5. On the core
    1. Set a password for root on MD
      1. chroot /usr/pluto/diskless/<##>
      2. run passwd.... enter password for root
  6. On MD Switch to a terminal session>
    1. Login to MD as root
    2. apt-get install nvidia-glx-177
  7. From core copy valid xorg.conf from etc/X11 to /usr/pluto/diskless/##/etc/X11
  8. Reboot MD. Now, the AV Wizard should come up
  9. After the AV Wizard it takes a longer time to launch devices. No not need to reboot.


If you don't happen to have a running xorg.conf, copy over the existing /etc/X11/xorg.conf.pluto-avwizard to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

You have to remove a single line RgbPath from the xorg.conf file, and change the line

driver nv


driver nvidia

Note on existing install (prior 20090503)

To circumvent the problem with amd64 capable machines not finding the right archive, create softlinks to the i386

cd /usr/pluto/install
ln -s PlutoMD-i386.tar.bz2 PlutoMD-amd64.tar.bz2
ln -s PlutoMD-i386.tar.bz2.version PlutoMD-amd64.tar.bz2.version

Known Problems

Upgrading pluto-storage-devices

If apt-get upgrade does cause problems with pluto-boot-scripts, do the following

dpkg -r --force-all pluto-storage-devices
apt-get install pluto-storage-devices
apt-get upgrade

VDR Installation

VDR does not yet install a working setup. Follow VDR Manual Install regarding configuration files.

VDR and sqlCVS Update

A sqlCVS update will reset the selection from VDR back to MythTV. Re-running the Setup wizard and re-selecting VDR rectifies this glitch.

For other older known problems please look at LinuxMCE-0810_alpha0


20081206 (alpha-1.1)

  • pluto-vdr_2.
  • pluto-src-vdr_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20081214 (alpha-1.2)

  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-vdr_2.
  • pluto-src-vdr_2.

20081221 (alpha-1.3)

  • lirc-pluto_0.1.1
  • pluto-skins-basic_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.

20081228 (alpha-1.4)

  • asterisk-pluto_1.4.10-4
  • pluto-std-plugins_2.
  • pluto-storage-devices_2.
  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-raid-tools_2.
  • pluto-asterisk_2.
  • pluto-avwizard-src_2.
  • pluto-avwizard_2.
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2.
  • pluto-capture-card-scripts_2.
  • pluto-dhcpd-plugin_2.
  • mce-diskless-tools-src_2.
  • mce-diskless-tools_2.

20090104 (alpha-1.5)

  • libxine1-xvdr_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • libxineliboutput-fbfe_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • libxineliboutput-sxfe_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • vdr-plugin-xineliboutput_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • xineliboutput-fbfe_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • xineliboutput-sxfe_1.0.1-5+lmce1
  • pluto-website-admin_2.

20090111 (alpha-1.6)

  • pluto-website-admin_2.
  • pluto-updatemedia_2. #72 --posde
  • pluto-slim-server-streamer_2. #77 --posde
  • pluto-boot-scripts_2. #80 --posde

20090118 (upcoming)