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Usage Information

Mesh classes are over the OpenGL implementations are:


MeshContainer is a geometry keeper, a triangle based triangle keeper. A mesh container contains two lists:

list of vertexes

which keeps for every point coordinate and color informations, UV texturing coordinate, etc.

list of triangles

which keeps 3 indices to vertexes, one pointer to an OpenGLGraphic (the picture that is setup for every triangle)


MeshBuilder is helper class that creates a MeshContainer


MeshTransform a class that keeps all transformations that may apply to a MeshContainer. No object is drawn on the screen with default geometry. To all geometry are applied one or more transformations, even they does nothing or they do more transforms


MeshFrame creates an hierarchy of objects, the single role of the MeshFrame is to keep a similar tree organisation of the objects. Every MeshFrame match that content:

  • MeshTransform: all transforms that applies to itself and all childrens
  • Name: unique name that is used to find different objects
  • MeshContainer: which describe the geometry of the current MeshFrame
  • Children: a list of children MeshFrames. They will get from Parent the current transform (like translation, scale, rotate or combined transforms)
  • Parent: a reference to the parent
  • helpers that simplify the management of children, geometry, transforms, name