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Usage Information

This is the software that runs on mobile phones. The mobile phones are Orbiters just like the others in the house, and actually use the same program. To learn the basics about Mobile Orbiters and they compare to other Orbiters, read Orbiters. The also article covers the installation and operation of the user interface that LinuxMCE provides standard with the system. Use it as your starting point.

This article is specific to Mobile Orbiters.

Currently out-of-the-box supported mobile orbiters

Basically any Symbian 60 series device (v1 and v2; v3 support is being worked on, the actual 0810 svn code already runs on v3). A list of different devices can be found on the Nokia device page.

Nokia 6620

Nokia 7650

Nokia N70

Java based mobile orbiter

There is also a generic Java/J2ME version of the mobile orbiter JavaMO which should work on most Java capable mobile phones, with some limitations.

Not supported/perhaps usable as web orbiter

Nokia E65


Pepperpad 3

Treo 750

Creating your own Orbiter

A new user interface can be created using the Designer. If someone wishes to contribute a new UI and share it, LinuxMC will be happy to host the User's Manuals for those too.

Pushing MO sis files to phones

Hint: Be sure to specify default user, otherwise data will not be generated and sent to phone.

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