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Titanium is the new Default Skin for Orbiter. It is inspired by the metallic finish of titanium surfaces, along with the fact that Titanium Dioxide, a colourant in most paints, is white. It provides an easy to see, crisp, and tastefully bold aesthetic at just the none focal points, the cover art, and data grids.

Screenshots (Titanium Blue)

All of the images below are taken with the Titanium Blue variation.

The Main Menu
The Audio/Video Remote
The File List
The Phone Dial Pad
The Phone Book
The Security Arm/Disarm Pad
More Scenarios for a given media type
A Floor Plan Screen
The TV Remote with Channel Logos


In addition, There are different variations of Titanium, which change the data grid colour, as shown here:

Screenshots (Titanium Variations)

Titanium Apple
Titanium Green
Titanium Orange
Titanium Pink
Titanium Purple
Titanium Silver

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