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The picture viewer will allow you to view pictures full screen on your Media Directors. The viewer was added in 810.


To install it, open the web admin and through the top menu select: Wizard->Devices->Media directors->Software modules - Edit. Check the Picture Viewer and click Save. Reload router and wait until the viewer software has been installed on the MD.


Open the picture media scenario and navigate to the folder you want to view. Select "Play All" and the viewer will start full screen. It will display all pictures in that folder as a slide show with a default 5 second time for each picture. You can use the following controls during playback:

  • Pause/Play
  • Next
  • Previous
  • Stop

If you want a different time to display each picture, you can change the device data "Timeout" (and reload router).

Possible improvements

  • View button on the media info screen(when you select a picture)
  • Create specific media remote screen (it now uses the DVD screen)
  • Get object image to display on off screen orbiters