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What is 'pluto_main'

Virtually everything about LinuxMCE is stored in the database schema called pluto_main. The DCE definitions, the documentation, the list of software and the requirements to use it, the boot scripts, even the graphical user interface on the Orbiters is here. Most of the software modules in LinuxMCE will need this database to run. The LinuxMCE Admin Website web site is the primary front-end for the database. Use it to configure everything in your LinuxMCE system, browse your local copy of the documentation, and just about everything else. The one exception is the graphical user interface on the Orbiters. It would not be practical to build a GUI in a web, so there is a separate program, Designer, which is used to edit the GUI.

The database contains a collection of sqlCVS repositories, with tables grouped by function. All LinuxMCE systems have the same database, with the same data, except for the tables in the "local" repository. These include the Devices, Installation and Users, and their related tables. This information is only in your local copy. LinuxMCE's central database only keeps track of the ID's that have been used so that we can ensure that every device, installation and user is globally unique, allowing you to join houses, and do other things that require unique ID's. The LinuxMCE Admin web site will request a unique ID from when you add a Device, User or Installation.