Quick reload router

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This command can be accessed in two ways:

The command restarts the DCERouter, which controls all devices in the LinuxMCE system.

Reload Router

All devices in LinuxMCE obtain their configuration information from the DCE router, which is the central piece of software on the Core. All devices request a list of the other devices in the home from the router, so they can respond to them appropriately. (For example, an IP camera device might turn on the lights in the room whenever you're viewing the camera. To do so, the IP camera needs to know what lights are in the room.) Typically a device requests this information only when it's starting up. When you connect additional plug and play devices to the system, these new devices generally will work immediately, but their functionality may not be fully enabled within the LinuxMCE system until the DCE router is reloaded.

When the router reloads, it signals all devices on the system to simultaneously reload and re-request the system data. Each existing device can then work with each new device. This process is known as a 'reload'. It generally takes about 10 seconds.

Every time you add or remove devices, or change a device's configuration, you may be asked to do a reload. If you're going to add more devices or make more device changes, you can do the reload once you're done. If you're in the middle of watching a movie or TV, you can postpone the reload, since media players generally stop playing during reloads. Phone calls aren't affected, though, and TV shows being recorded by MythTV in the background are also unaffected.