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810 in backport pipe 14th September 2011 Foxi352
1004 works 14th September 2011 Foxi352
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Usage Information
  • This guide is for developers having access to remote assistance server

If you want to use it to connect to someone's system, he needs to enable remote assistance.

The button can be found on web admin (Wizard->Security->Outside Access).Let the user push the "enable" button and ask him for the remote assistance code that appears.

The remote assistance code is formed from two numbers, first is the installation id of that computer and the second number is the password that you need to use when you connect to him.

After you get that information, login to and run this command to connect:

# /usr/linuxmce/bin/rassh -i <INSTALLATION_ID>

The user is 'remote' and the pass if the second part of the remote assistance code the user supplied you.

To get a user/pass for, you'll need to talk to TSCHAKeee.