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How to setup Samba with two workgroups? How to setup Samba to follow symbolic links?

Problem: we have shares for each users. if I want to access it from Windows, I have to enter password. if I don't this on first access, windows won't ask my anymore to enter password and just denies access. How can I force windows, to reenter password for share ???

If your samba password doesn't work then run this on core to update your samba password:

sudo smbpasswd pluto_USER

where USER is your username. For instance to change john's password run sudo smbpasswd pluto_john NOTE: if you set your Samba password like that it will be forgotten on reboot. Set the password in the webadmin. Deepb 11:21, 4 September 2013 (CEST)

Adding fileserver on the external network

The external network does not get scanned for Samba servers. You can easily add a new server by going into the web admin

  • Click Show Device Tree
  • Click CORE
  • On the right hand side, click Create Child Device
  • Click Pick Device Template
  • In the popup select Manufacturer->Generic and Device Category->File Server from the drop down menus; you can also enter device template ID 1837 in the "Do you know the ID of the device template?" field
  • Now, it is important to fill out just the IP field (otherwise the DHCP configuration gets screwed)
  • The username and password are only needed if the file server requires them.
  • There is currently a bug in the webadmin which causes this file server to not be scanned for shares.

Scanning For Shares

The good thing about LinuxMCE is, that LinuxMCE routinely scans the internal network for servers, and if found, scans those servers for shares to be mounted and spidered for media. To initiate the scan for shares manually (because of a manually added server) do the following

  • Open a terminal
  • Execute
/usr/pluto/bin/ -d <device-id> -i '<ip-address>' -m '<mac-address>'

This will execute the scan for new shares. The shares will be presented to you on any orbiter.