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Usage Information
Security Scenario Admin Page

The security scenarios are grouped by room. Whenever you enter a room with the mobile orbiter, or choose a room with a regular orbiter, you will see a button for each of the security scenarios you created for that room. Security scenarios are used to operate security camera and alarm controls.

Add New Quad View Security Scenario

Security Add Quad View Scenario Admin Page

To add a new quad view security scenario, click the 'Add new quad view security scenario' button next to the room you want the security scenario to appear in. You will have the option of selecting up to four different camera to view when a security event is triggered. Adding this scenario to each room will give the orbiter in those rooms the ability to view this new security scenario.

Add other Security Scenarios

If you want a security scenario to do something besides display a quad view of security cameras, it takes a little trial and error. Maybe you want a security scenario to turn on some music, or flash a message on your Orbiter screen. It can be done from the Admin site.

Add from the Admin site Advanced menu

  • A full list of all scenarios is presented in a tree view.
  • You can set up a scenario once and then select which rooms that scenario should apply to.

Add from the Admin site Wizard

This alternate method is a bit quirky. I used it for testing purposes.

  • LinuxMCE Admin Website-->Wizard--> Scenarios-->Security Scenarios.
  • Choose the room to which you wish to add the scenario. I chose "Living Room".
  • Click the "New quad security camera". That is the quirky part. All new security scenarios are created from this button.
  • Add the description. This is the text that will be displayed on the button created in the Security menu on your Orbiter. Keep it short. For my test scenario, I called it "Send an alert"
  • Click the "new quad security camera" button again. This creates the scenario.
  • The "Send an alert" scenario is now listed under Living Room.
  • Click on "Edit(Wizard Mode)".
  • The "Edit(Simple Mode)" is truly for adding quad cameras. Use Edit(Wizard Mode) for everything else.
  • Edit scenario using Wizard: Advanced Wizard.
  • A "Command" box will appear. Here is where you (finally!) enters the commands that the security scenario will perform. I wanted to Display an Alert on my Orbiter screen, so I chose the "Display Alert" from the dropdown box.
  • I entered some alert text: "Alert from the Living Room!" and clicked Save.
  • I then did a quick regen and a quick reload of the router.
  • I brought up my web orbiter again, switched to the Living Room, and in the Security category menu was the button "Send an alert". I clicked it and the message "Alert from the Living Room!" appeared on the Orbiter screen for a few seconds (then disappeared with the next Orbiter refresh).