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Usage Information

After adding support for a new infrared remote control, it is helpful to other share the codes with the community by checking them into the LinuxMCE development servers. This has two main benefits:

  1. Other users with the same infrared receiver as you will be able to use the remote without having to go through the laborious key code learning process.
  2. On fresh installs of future versions of LinuxMCE, you will be able to simply pick your remote from the list of already-support remotes.


Warning: As of 0710RC1, submission of IR codes can require some manual editing of entries in the sql database. This editing can break your system if you make a mistake. The editing is only required if you have new device templates that are untested, useless, or incomplete (like those that are created when doing trial and error to first get your remote working).

To manually share your IR codes, perform the following:

1.Carefully complete the steps to add support for your new remote controls.
2.Delete any useless device templates that you have created. Oftentimes, trial-and-error attempts result in half-completed device templates. All new device templates will be checked in simultaneously, so try to remove any useless, incomplete, and untested device templates. To do so, perform the following steps:
a.Find the numbers of any device templates that you want to remove.
b.Remove the templates from the pluto_main database using the following commands. Repeat the last line for each device template you want to remove:
sudo -i
cd /var/lib/mysql/pluto_main
mysql>use pluto_main
mysql>DELETE from DeviceTemplate WHERE PK_DeviceTemplate = <device_template_number>; 
c.Then continue:
/usr/pluto/bin/sqlCVS -v 
d.sqlcvs will prompt you to delete various "offending records". Some need to be deleted, while others don't, here are the rules. Caution: Making a mistake here can break your LinuxMCE installation:
i.DO NOT DELETE: Any records containing the following:
  • CommandGroup_Command:FK_Device:-300 Device:PK_Device:NULL
  • CriteriaParm:FK_CannedEvents_CriteriaParmList:0 ::::*CannedEvents_CriteriaParmList:PK_CannedEvents_CriteriaParmList:NULL
  • Device_DeviceData:IK_DeviceData: 3-0 Users:PK_Users
ii. DELETE: Any records containing DeviceTemplate or DeviceData.
e.Press Q to quit when prompted.
3.Head into the chat rooms in the forums and ask a developer (tschak has been quite helpful) to help you check in your new device template.


Note: As of 0710RC1, the automatic submission of IR codes does not work. Use the manual scheme to share your IR codes.

If you don't uncheck "Share my I/R codes with other LinuxMCE users" checkbox from Wizard/Devices/AV Equipment page, the codes you learned or typed are sent to our database using the script, which use SqlCVS to send the codes to our central database, so any other users can benefit from them.

The script is called automatically on each reboot. However, the codes need to be validated by our staff, mostly to prevent accidental submissions.

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