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Usage Information

First Steps in making your own device driver

      sudo apt-get install pluto-dcegen pluto-sql2cpp build-essential subversion libmysqlclient15-dev
      cd /usr/src
      sudo mkdir lmce
      sudo chown "youruser" lmce
      cd lmce
      svn co
      cp /usr/pluto/lib/* /usr/src/lmce/LinuxMCE-0810/src/lib

These two lines are no longer needed as the source tree has been pre-prepped.

      export SNR_LDFLAGS=" "

Create the template via WebAdmin (add new device?)

Sqlcvs update to DCE via WebAdmin

       cd to /usr/src/lmce/LinuxMCE-0810/src/DCEGen 
       and run DCEGen -d templatenumber
       run usr/src/lmce/LinuxMCE-0810/src/nameofdevice/sql2cpp
       cd /usr/src/lmce/LinuxMCE-0810/src/nameofdevice
      chmod +x and make bin
      cp /src/nameofdevice /usr/pluto/bin

Add device via WebAdmin (advanced>configuration>devices)

To Run the Device:

     cd /usr/src/lmce/LinuxMCE-0810/src/nameofdevice   
    ./nameofdevice -r dcerouter -d devicenumber

Compile new changes in c++ code

Profile lines no longer needed

    export SNR_LDFLAGS=" "
    export SNR_CPPFLAGS="-DKDE-LinuxMCE"
    (or insert the variables in the .profile file)
     cd /usr/src/lmce/LinuxMCE-0810/src/nameofdevice   
     make bin

Send Commands to Device:

  1. Log in via WebAdmin
  2. Goto Advanced->Configuration->Devices
  3. Select your device on the left panel
  4. Select "Send Command to Device" on the right pane

Big Thanks to TSCHAKeee2