Svn default properties

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Svn default properties

End-Of-Line delimiter have different sequences in Linux and Windows. When "svn ci" or "svn up" commands are used, the source file on disk will be exactly the same for both platforms. This will break the svn-merge algorithm, and will cause unwanted conflicts.

In order to get rid of these conflicts, the svn:eol-style property should be set to "native" for all source/text files. This can be done automatically by svn, if its configuration is correct.

In /pluto/trunk/src/docs/svn_config_dir/ there is a sample configuration for subversion. It was copied from debian-stable

Only the "config" file was modified, to activate automatic change of properties. "servers" file does not need to be changed right now

Changing SVN configuration

   <your-src-base-directory> contains your copy of /pluto/trunk/src/

Linux steps

Eventually, make a backup of directory ~/.subversion/

Use the following commands

   <your-src-base-directory> contains your copy of /pluto/trunk/src/
   cd <your-src-base-directory>
   cp -av docs/svn_config_dir/config ~/.subversion/

Windows steps

(Only for Tortoise-SVN, for now)

   Right click in Explorer on <your-src-base-directory>
   TortoiseSVN -> Settings ... // a dialog will appear
   in the left tree -> General
   on the right -> Subversion configuration file: "Edit" button
   click on "Edit" button // configuration will be opened in Notepad
   Eventually, File-> Save As -> config.orig
   AND close
   AND press "Edit" button again
   open with ANOTHER Notepad <your-src-base-directory>\docs\svn_config_dir\config
   select all text
   copy in clipboard
   close the new notepad
   ALT-TAB to "config-notepad" // opened by the "Edit" button
   select all text and delete it
   paste from clipboard
   press "OK" button to close the TortoiseSVN configuration dialog

Additional notes

   After these steps were performed, do a "svn update".

Solve the conflicts that may appear because you already have files on disk without svn:eol-style property correctly set.

   Continue your work.

After this point in time, there should be no more EOL conflicts caused by your svn.

Every time you add a new file to svn, the property will be set according to the rules specified svn "config".

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