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Usage Information

Once your Symbian phone has the PlutoMO software installed, the following instructions will make using the PlutoMO much more convienient, as well as setting up the remainder of the functionality that is not enabled by default when the mobile orbiter is first detected and installed.

Making it Quick Launch

The PlutoMO software should always be running on the phone. Once it has been launched, it will stay running in the background. It is recommended that you choose at least one of the following to make accessing the PlutoMO software more convienient:

Using one of your Soft Keys

Mapping the application to a soft key is an excellent choice, as it provides one-click access to the application from the Telephone view. An Example mapping of soft keys is shown on the right from a Nokia N70.

Nokia N70 Soft Keys.jpg

Take a moment to decide which key you wish to map this to. It should be your dominant thumb position. For example, if you are left handed, you should map PlutoMO to the right soft key. Likewise, if you are right handed, you should map to the left soft key.

To add it as a soft key:

  • Press the Menu key.
  • From the Menu, Select the Tools folder.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Phone.
  • Select Standby Mode.
  • Select the appropriate soft key (Left or Right Selection Key)
  • A list of applications will then appear. Find PlutoMO in this list, and select it.

Exit out of settings back into the telephone, and verify that PlutoMO appears over the Selection key that you selected.

Adding it to your Quick Launch Menu

Your Quick Launch menu is the list of applications that are displayed when the phone is in the Telephone View.

To add it to your Quick Launch Menu, you just need to add it to the Active Standby Apps list:

  • Press the Menu key.
  • From the Menu, Select the Tools folder.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Phone.
  • Select Standby Mode.
  • Select Active Standby Apps.

You should then see a list of shortcuts. You should select one of these shortcut slots to replace with PlutoMO.

  • Select the appropriate shortcut you wish to replace
  • A list of applications will then appear. Find PlutoMO in this list, and select it.

Exit out of Settings and verify that PlutoMO is now visible from the menu, it looks like a puzzle piece.

Web Admin Settings

Once the orbiter software is installed, there are a couple of additional settings that you should at least review before considering the installation complete.

Is your core internet accessible?

In order to use the features of the mobile orbiter outside of the house, the core itself must be accessible from the internet. To make this reliable, a domain name should be assigned to the core. This can be done by going to and creating an account and domain name for this machine. The username and password you created at can be entered into the web admin, so that if it changes, the core will automatically contact DynDNS to update its information appropriately.

This can be changed from Advanced > Network > Dynamic DNS Settings

Dyndns settings.png

Setting up the WAP/GPRS settings

Once your core is internet accessible, you can then proceed to the WAP/GPRS settings page.

This can be accessed from Advanced > Network > WAP/GPRS Settings. (view the image above, it's the menu entry directly above)

Once the page loads, you need to enter the following information:

  • WAP/GPRS URL. This is the URL that your phone will use to access your core. It must contain a full URL with host name, and the file check.wml ... If you set up a DynDNS account as recommended previously, your host is the domain name you set up with DynDNS. If not, the host is your internet accessible IP address.
  • Caller ID Number. This is the number to your house. This assumes that you have set up telecom and have a number which dials into LinuxMCE's telephone system. It should be the number that is displayed when you call out to other phones, i.e. area code and telephone number without any additional characters. PlutoMO will use this information to determine if it should show a security breach warning.

Wap gprs settings.jpg

Once this information is entered, save.

Congratulations! You should now have a tuned mobile orbiter setup. You can now create Mobile Orbiter Scenarios so that you can trigger house events, as well as many other features including:

  • View your security cameras
  • Set house modes (Armed/unarmed/etc)
  • Speak Inside the House

and more!