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There seems to be no spdif on the 1" and no COM ports on the 2" and set-top version of the fiirestation. I want both spdif and COM. I had a chat with a friendly tech support guy Andrew using the online chat thingy at Here's the transcript:

alex: Question why no serial ports on the bigger fiirestations?

andrew: Welcome to Fiire! My name is Andrew! How may I help you?

alex: hello?

andrew: hi

andrew: because the mainboard is micro-atx type

andrew: and it doesn't have any serial ports

andrew: but you could use an adapter from usb to serial

alex: hmm...most mATX don't have the db9 on board, but you can usually get a breakout cable to plug into a header on the board.

alex: AFAIK the usb to serial adapters aren't well supported under LinuxMCE.

andrew: true, but we had no space to put that ...the case has an opening for serial port rs232

andrew: you can put a rs232 output there, but you have to custom fit it

alex: i see, it seems like it should be pretty straightforward to add it afterward.

andrew: it can be easily done

alex: can you confirm that the motherboard has a COM port header?

alex: also, does the 2" version have a spot on the case for a db9 as well?

andrew: the mainboard has a com port available, but i'm not sure if our manufacturer, Polywell Computers will deliver the serial cable as well

andrew: you might have to buy that one separately

alex: that's ok, it's most likely a standard part.

andrew: the case has space for mounting db9

alex: can u tell me what mainboard is used? then i can track it down for sure.

andrew: if you will check the fiire station manual you will see the back of the fiire station

alex: the 2" case has space?

alex: the manual on the web site only shows the full-size and the 1" fiire station. if you have a pic/drawing of the 2" that would be quite useful.

andrew: only the setup-box has a space for db9

alex: ok, thanks.

alex: is there any way to get spdif out on the 1"?

andrew: there is no way to do that for the moment

alex: ok, thanks.

andrew: it will be available with the next generation of Fiire Engine and Stations

alex: that'd be sweet. do you know when that will be?

andrew: as soon as LinuxMCE releases 07.10, probably during this month

alex: ok, i'm looking forward to it. where should i look for the announcement?

andrew: you can check or our page

alex: ok, thanks a lot!

andrew: you're welcome!

alex: bye!

andrew: bye!

--Alx9r 19:45, 1 May 2008 (PDT)