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Download links lead to Ubuntu 7.04, which doesn't seem to be supported. Thanks for wasting my bandwidth. --Elbekko 10:02, 25 April 2007 (MST)



Step 7 needs clarification. If one selects "I already have DHCP going", is the other value (the base IP) still used in some way?

During the 2CD installation, an eject command needs to be inserted. How do I pry the first CD out of the drive while it remains mounted?

Several hours to burn a CD?

"You do not need to burn the CDs, doing so adds several hours to the install process. You can use the method in the next two sections if you want to save time." --danielk

My CD burner takes 2 1/2 minutes. I agree that installing from .iso files is faster and easier.

Many converts to Linux, especially Media Center Edition users, want a "pop the CD in the drive" type of installation. I realise the DVD is available, and that is great, but not if a fully functional Kubuntu desktop as well as LinuxMCE is desired. The CD method (physical media) is still desireable.

Not everyone is a longtime Linux user. I have several users who download .iso's on their Windows boxes, burn them to CD, then install LinuxMCE from the three CDs on a brand new PC.

Also, I can hand newbies three CDs and tell them to go for it. It works great.

Because I am trying to install LinuxMCE in several homes at once (in a construction project), I need maximum portability and the ability to install on virgin PCs. The CD method is the easiest way to do this.