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How to run X application

1. start firefox on the machine from "computing" (you don't need firefox, but you need the state it sets while its running)
2. from the console, "export DISPLAY=:0"
3. run your application, which should then be displayed over firefox

How to transfer media to other Core or linux PC

I have scenario with one main Core (Core1-internal ip with dual network cards and another Core (Core2 - I'm setting up for my new house. I'd like to transfer media from Core1 to Core2. Core2 has only one network card and gets ip from dhcp of Core1.

1. Set Internal network on Core2 to (in contrast to internal network of Core1) and set Firewall off temporarily

2. Add share to /etc/smb.conf on Core1 (this is probably needed only in my special case, cause have symlink

ls -l /home/public
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root public 17 2006-09-16 15:25 /home/public -> /home/data/public
    create mask = 0777
     directory mask = 0777
     path = /home/data
      public = no

3. Mount samba share from Core2 :

mount.cifs  // /mnt/data -o user=xxxxx

How to get live logs (unchecked yet)

On recent releases logs are updated with some time delay. To get them more in real time :

1. 'export ImmediatelyFlushLog=1' 2. then

/usr/pluto/bin/MessageSend localhost 0 -1000 7 11

or use 22 instead of -1000 (to be just for XinePlayer)

How to workaround 'playlists won't show on Orbiter bug' Bug Nr. 3409

1. Execute this SQL statement

update Playlist SET EK_User = null;

It will make all your playlists public and they will appear on Orbiter. You can also change one by one if don't want all playlists to be public.

How to dump database and do sqlcvs manually (incomplete!)

1.To see diff first -- screen session name sqlCVS

/usr/pluto/bin/sqlCVS -H -R 3999 -r dce diff 

2. To save database content to file

mysqldump pluto_main > pluto_main.dump 

Useful hooks for adding Ruby code to GSD device

Actually, there are following hooks where you can put your code:

1. Private Method Listing - you can put there common methods which can be used in the others hooks.
2. Process IDLE - run every couple of seconds when device is not active.
3. Process Incoming Data - receive all data which comes from the device.
4. Process Initialize - call when device is starting (not real device, Pluto device).
5. Process Receive Command For Child - when device or its child receive a command from Pluto it comes here.
6. Process Release - call when device is shutdown.