Touch Orbiter for the HTC Touch2 mobile phone

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Usage Information

Touch Orbiter

Touch Orbiter is a simple lite weight new way to build Orbiters for any type of Touch Driven device. See Touch Orbiter - for the CUWIN3500 in-wall Touch Panel

Implementation for the HTC Touch2 Windows Mobile Phone

Installing build dependencies

apt-get install bison flex libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev texinfo


You can get the source code from SVN. The source code includes everything you need to build OrbiterCE.exe.

Two targets can be built: arm and x86 (Windows CE in both cases, not desktop Windows).

Just type either make all-arm and wait*.

The first time you run make, it will download, build, and install CE GCC, zlib, libpng and libjpeg. Then, it will builder OrbiterCE.exe in the directory OrbiterCE. For CE GCC it will need root privileges. Sudo is used for this purpose, so it may ask for your password after CE GCC is downloaded, before it is built.


When the build is done, a directory called TouchOrbiter, which will contain all the files in a subdirectory called arm. Copy the arm directory to your SD cards of the Touch2. Before you copy it, be sure to edit Orbiter.ini and set the IP of your router and the port of the Proxy_Orbiter you want to connect to.

The Touch Orbiter will run in full screen on the device. To exit it, tap and hold your finger on the screen, and a dialog box will show up asking if you want to close the application.

Known problems

I am still working on how the hide the top menu as it covers a small part of the Orbiter screen.