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My Setup

Home Automation

Delayed event

To make a scenario for heating my care in the morning and by a climate scenario on the orbiter I have made the following setup.

This scenario turns on the wall outlet for the car and turns it off after 1,5 hours. If I execute this scenario form the orbiter it does not work it will just send all the commands at once and there will be no delay. So I hide this scenario by unchecking all the rooms.

Varm bil (skjult).png

I then made another scenario to execute this scenario:

Varm bil.png

I also added a Timed Event to execute this scenario every weekday morning.

Varm bil 2.png

Climate control

I have started my quest to control all heating in my house using LMCE. I am using Z-Wave as my primary control system. The temp sensors are LSControl ES 861 and the heaters are controlled by various Z-Wave modules.

The first room out is the bedroom. I only need to have this room warm when I go to bed and wake up. If I am not sleeping at home I don't need to turn the heat up at all (HouseMode = Extended-away). These two events control the heater. They are both Temperature Changed Events. The first event turns the heater on, the second turns it off.
Sov on.png Sov off.png