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Why LinuxMCE?

Like a lot of people currently involved in this project, I am a victim of THE video. I can not even remember how I stumbled onto it, but since that moment I have been fascinated with its development. It has been my introduction to the Linux experience. That software this impressive comes from the combined efforts of brilliant people working for free and on their own time amazes me. I truly believe in the open source concept and feel it is my responsibility as a user to contribute wherever possible. I have never programmed anything more complex than a VCR, but I do have some artistic ability so I plug away at UI skins while those more apt at programming contribute their abilities. The reward then for me goes beyond integrating components in my home. The thought that a skin I draw might be the preferred choice of a new user two years from now keeps me striving for perfection. As I have had more time recently in my schedule to work on LMCE projects I have found new possible ways to contribute such as dce device implementation, template creation and eventually (I hope) code development. Recently have devoted a few hours per day to reading C++ textbooks, most of them are old but the principles are still relevant.

Current Equipment: Graphical

Previous pictures are still available by selecting the view history tabs. I needed to completely redo this page as almost every component has been changed and/or reissued to other duties. Since the graphical display was such a hit, I will make sure to spend an equal amount of effort detailing the new setup.

Current Equipment: Detailed

"Custom Custom, loud nasty IO machine" ... lol, seriously details to come shortly I promise.


Due to the size of these photos I have created another page for them. To view these photos please follow this link: