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Downloaded snapshot 24683 started to load for install mobo died that board has been running 24/7 since Dec 2008. I should of stuck with the previous Foxconn A74ML-K witch is still running at a customers house with a X3 Athlon as a Win7 Media Center. The A74ML-K only cost $37.00 freeship from 9-18-11

As a added funtime bonus. We have bought a house so I will be moving and wiring a older house to run my system Weeeeee!

Replacing with ( should arrive next week )

If this setup goes well... I might replace all the motherboards with either the A74ML-K and reuse my DDR2 800 ram and the PNY 210 1GB GPU


Just bit the bullet and use the M61PMP-k and new DDR3 4GB 1333 ram with the PNY 210 1GB GPU. Since the cost diff between DDR2/DDR3 I can get 2x the ram for the same price.

Either way I will have a serial port and be able to use my CM11a for X10 again ( Basic light controls )


$374.00 Sharp 32" 720p LCD Tv -via- HDMI Input / Analog audio UI2+Alpha ( still working on HDMI audio on this board )
$300.00 Sony HT-S360 5.1 HTIB
$44.00 Foxconn AM3 M61PMP-K Motherboard
$46.00 AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.2GHz Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core Processor
$26.99 Kingston Economy 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR2 1333 (PC2 8500) Dual
$22.50 PNY Verto 210 1GB 16x GPU
$ 9.99 COOLER MASTER DK8-9GD4A-0L-GP 95mm CPU Cooler
$38.99 Linkworld 617-03-c2228U Black/Silver MicroATX
$36.00 Asus Sata dvd +rw
( hoping to go bd-rom soon )
$68.00 Gyration gyro remote
$14.00 Slick Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
$9.00 Ebay special 4ch dvr card "bt878a" (5-13-11 update caused camera input to be B&W)
$32.00 Rii Mini Keyboard/Mouse Combo

Plus some free and stuff I already had:

$ 0.00 320Gb Seagate Sata drive ( robbed from a Dishnetwork DVR )

MD / Living Room

$480.00 Panasonic 42" Plasma 720P Tv -via- HDMI Input / HDMI audio UI2+Alpha
$90.00 Yamaha older 5.1 reciever
$112.00 Episode 10" 150w Subwoofer
$120.00 Episode L-R-C in-wall speakers 4" woofer
$40.00 Episode rear pair 6.5" in-ceiling
$0.00 Acer X1200 slim desktop 2GB DDR2( fixed caps )
$39.00 Replaced case with Linkworld 617-03-c2228U Black/Silver MicroATX
$14.00 Replaced Fan/Sink with Coolmaster DI5-9HDSL-0L-GP
$36.00 Gyration gyro remote
$14.00 Slick Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

note: Dual boot Windows 7 / Kubuntu 10

MD / Bedroom #2

$300.00 Sansui 32" 720p Tv -via- HDMI Input / HDMI audio UI1
$0.00 Acer X1200 slim desktop 2GB DDR2 /
$14.00 Logitech Wireless Mouse

note: Soon to be Dual boot Windows 7 / Kubuntu 10


$78.00 Foscam Ip Camera "clone"
$20.00 WVC54GC IP Ip Camera
$114.00 HdHomerun dual
$60.00 Linksys WRT54g (before core)
$45.00 NetGear 5 Port Gigabit
$36.00 NetGear 5 port 10/100 wifi router (turned AP)
$38.00 Linksys spa3000 (tested but not full implemented)
$109.99 Buffalo 1TB LinkStation

$48.00 Aeon Labs Z-Wave Interface with built-In Inclusion Remote $53.00 Intouch Zwave Tstat
$19.99 Ebay special 30IR outdoor camera NTSC
$7.68 Ebay Special audio/video/power -via- cat5/6 ( Up and running great )
$69.00 Android 7" 2.2 tablet ( ordered )


  • Change core to 4GB DDR2 1006
  • Upgrade MD's to 4GB DDR2 800
  • Change core to 3X or 4X Multi Core CPU
  • Change Core's main drive to 500GB with possible hotswap clone
  • Add BD-ROM in Living Room ( try the ripping to core function )
  • Zwave Multisensor
  • Intercom Mics
  • Cisco Ip Phones (finish phone system)
  • Bring back my Cm11a for some basic X10 timer controls
  • Capture IR codes for my three current Tv's
  • Capture IR codes for Sony HT-SS360 HTIB