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JaseP's User Set-up

This page describes my LinuxMCE 10.04 system setup. Excuse the dust while I improve the page. I am located in Eastern Pennsylvania (USA), in a cable TV rich region (in/near the birthplace of cable television). I am a Linux/Open Source enthusiast and (amateur) advocate, having been a Linux user for 10+ years.

Network Environment

Micasaverde Vera (external router/primary Z-wave controller) --> Core (LinuxMCE services, incl. DHCP, DCE router, Secondary Z-wave controller, External Hard Drives, Telephony) --> Wired/Wireless Access Points (DHCP server disabled & provided by the Core) --> Media Directors, Orbiters & non-LinuxMCE devices

JaseP Lmce TopMap.png


Core (currently configured as a Core/Hybrid):

System Software: LinuxMCE 10.04 (net install)
Intel Dual Core w/ Intel GMA graphics
2 NICs (one internal, one add-in card)
320 GB HD
2 HDhomeruns (network attached tuners)

Media Directors:

2 Dell Studio Hybrids (Intel Dual Core & 2 & 4 GB RAM, Intel graphics)
EEE Box 202 (Intel Atom N270, Intel graphics)
Note: all MDs use Rii Trackpad/Keyboards with IR remote (not Bluetooth models)


Sanyo LCD Televisions, 32-42" (3 currently configured, 2 using VGA, 1 using HDMI)
1 discount brand 14" TV with VGA for LinuxMCE Core display

External Storage:

Seagate 1 TB USB HD
2 Western Digital 320GB Hard Drives (USB)


Micasaverde Vera vers. 1 (with Aeon Labs USB Z-wave inclusion controller)
2nd Aeon Labs USB Z-wave inclusion controller (for the Core)
2 Z-wave thermostats
4 in-wall Z-wave dimmers
4 Z-wave appliance modules
3 Schlage Z-wave door locks
1 Z-wave multi-sensor
1 plug-in Z-wave scene controller
1 Wayne Dalton Z-wave enabled remote control
Panasonic IP camera (wired -- included here because it is controlled by the MCV Vera)


Micasaverde Vera (WiFi access point disabled)
2 Linksys Wireless/Wired Routers
2 Linksys 4-port (5 ports, 4 useable) switches


Obi110 ATA (not configured)
Linksys/Cisco SPA3102 ATA (not installed or configured)


Web Orbiter(s) -- presently need reconfiguration


This is a rough outline at present, and will be fleshed out later with diagrams, links, setup details, etc. Please excuse the dust.