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One question I currently have out in the forum is about what it's best to use to house equipment in the wiring closet. I come from the IT world, where professional-grade equipment is used. I'm obviously familiar and comfortable with it. I've seen these Leviton-style panels, and they seem so limited and small.

I remember reading somewhere that using racks in home automation setups is frowned upon when reselling a house. The term used was "intimidating". However, a pretty panel coupled with UPS's, servers, cable modems, and wireless AP's on the floor, all their cabling strewn everywhere seems intimidating to me. I'm wondering if a hybrid approach may be useful.

Eqiupment to House

What I want to put in the closet. Should match up with my structured wiring page.

  • Telephone demarc
  • Cable company demarc
  • House coax termination
  • Cable splitters/distribution
  • Cable modem
  • Gig-E switch
  • House data cabling termination
  • Wireless-N Access Point
  • Wireless-G AP & public network (old WRT54GL)
  • Alarm system panel
  • LinuxMCE Core


The choice of which closet to use is a given. It is big enough, I don't use it, and it is entirely interior. Two drawbacks are that it is not centrally located, and that it is in the bedroom portion of the house.

Preparing the closet is important. This space is big, but I don't want to overrun it completely. It would be nice if it could remain a closet for resale or my own use.

There is no direct airflow into the closet. This could become a problem. I am hoping that a simple, small, quiet exhaust fan will suffice. Think something that turns on when too hot, and vents to the attic. If this doesn't work, then I will enlarge the hole and tie in a duct to the AC.

A light would be helpful in this space. I don't think there is one, currently.