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I did a great deal of research before buying any parts so all of my setup was PNP. Although some things changed during the build, IE I wound up not having a HD screen to watch it on so I needed an s-video out. I haven't had any hardware compatibility issues with Linuxmce. My system is still growing and I will try to add new things here as I buy them and get them going.



APEVIA X-Master-BK/500


ASRock N68-S/Socket AM2+

Video card

ASUS EN8400GS Silent :Works perfectly with onboard graphics but I needed an svideo out for my old tv.


AMD Phenom 9350E 2.0GHz Quad Core processor


Patriot Viper 4GB 800MHz


SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

Sound Card

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS 7.1
Works perfectly with onboard sound however I wanted at least 5.1 with coax out. For a bedroom MD the onboard sound would be adequate.


Cheap Chinese knock off of media center remote. Works OTB.

IR transmitter

USB-UIRT (this guy has great support, my first one was defective and after diagnosing it, he just sent me a new one. Has worked perfectly ever since!) You have to be careful where you run the cable on this though because it is sensitive to EMI. You will know it is a problem because it will die regularly and you will have to unplug/replug it.


Adesso WKB-3000UB


use a Vista and a Windows 7 laptop as orbiters, both work really well.