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My Core/Hybrid

Asus P5GC-MX

 Intel GMA 950

<charles__> TSCHAKeee: where do I check to make sure it's using xorg-server-intel [21:09] <TSCHAKeee> /etc/X11/xorg.conf after avwizard runs

     [00:32] <Mandingo-Laptop> sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list
     [00:32] <Mandingo-Laptop> when it opens
     [00:32] <Mandingo-Laptop> hit the a key
     [00:32] <Mandingo-Laptop> you will see insert at the bottom
     [00:32] <Mandingo-Laptop> then scroll down and past those 2 lines i gave your
     [00:34] <Mandingo-Laptop> when you added those 2 lines to the bottom of the list
     [00:34] <Mandingo-Laptop> then type
     [00:35] <Mandingo-Laptop> :wq!
     [00:35] <Mandingo-Laptop> and hit enter
     0[00:14] <Mandingo-Laptop> go to another term
     [00:14] <Mandingo-Laptop> and go to your source list
     [00:14] <Mandingo-Laptop> and add this to the end of it
     [00:14] <Mandingo-Laptop> deb buntu intrepid main
     [00:14] <Mandingo-Laptop> deb-src es/ubuntu intrepid main
     [00:14] <Mandingo-Laptop> let me know when you have done that
     [00:15] <+Respatix> can i do that from this windows machine?
     [00:15] <Mandingo-Laptop> no
     [00:15] <Mandingo-Laptop> cuz your firewall is active
     [00:17] <+Respatix> sorry your a little above my head now.  what do you by while the full screen is black on my hybrid "go to another term"
     [00:18] <+Respatix> what do you mean by
     [00:19] <+Respatix> how do I go to another term (i assume you mean terminal)?
     [00:19] <Mandingo-Laptop> ctrl + alt + f1 

[22:06] <chuck_> Mandingo-Iphone: I updated sources with kate, much easier than vi [22:06] <Mandingo-Laptop> oh boy [22:06] <Mandingo-Laptop> wusss:-d [22:06] <chuck_> for the life of me I cant find the instructions again for the gdg key and to perge nvidia drivers [22:07] <chuck_> Mandingo-Laptop: can you paste in those lines again real quick? [22:08] <Mandingo-Laptop> sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys AF1CDFA9 [22:08] <chuck_> i do that after i updated souce file but before i update right? [22:09] <Mandingo-Laptop> after [22:10] <chuck_> shoot i just did it [22:10] <-- Mandingo-Iphone has left this server ("Colloquy for iPhone -"). [22:10] <Mandingo-Laptop> thats fine just add key then update [22:11] <chuck_> sudo apt-get update [22:11] <chuck_> right [22:11] <chuck_> then [22:11] <Mandingo-Laptop> yes [22:12] <Mandingo-Laptop> dist-upgrade [22:12] <chuck_> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade [22:12] <chuck_> right [22:12] <chuck_> E: Malformed line 64 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist) [22:13] <chuck_> must have done a typo [22:13] <chuck_> let me check [22:14] <Mandingo-Laptop> thats nano for ya [22:15] <-- Respatix has left this server (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)). [22:17] --> tekoholic has joined this channel ( [22:17] <chuck_> it was in Kate I just missed the last 2 words when I copied and pasted [22:17] <chuck_> ok done [22:18] <chuck_> how do I purge nividia drivers now [22:18] <chuck_> or do I need to do the key line again? [22:18] <Mandingo-Laptop> sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia* [22:18] <Mandingo-Laptop> yes do the key [22:20] <chuck_> now sudo X -configure [22:20] <Mandingo-Laptop> redo up date if it just took the key

My 810 Install Instructions

sudo su - #This might ask for the password you specified earlier during the install of kubuntu.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

sudo apt-get install subversion

svn co

cd new-installer




sudo apt-get install w32codecs libdvdcss2 kubuntu-restricted-extras


deb intrepid main

deb-src intrepid main


<mandingoceo> or you can edit the source list from the term [19:15] <mandingoceo> sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

Orbiter Software

Vob files on lmce just "movie_1/VIDEO_TS/blahblah" put in a video_ts folder and lmce can read them

How to add imdb cover art search in webadmin in 0710rc2

Download and save this patch to /var/www/pluto-admin/

Download and save this patch to /var/www/pluto-admin/include/

(In terminal May need to sudo su then password then dolphin to save in those directories)

In terminal ie Konsole "sudo su" then password

cd /var/www/pluto-admin
patch -p0 < imdb_cover_art.patch

In new terminal "sudo su" then password

cd /var/www/pluto-admin/include
patch -p0 < corrected_attribute_parsing.patch

Open this link

You will need to edit these 3 files




Open those files in dolphin with Kate

Refer to the corresponding file name in the link above and the new lines in green at the corresponding line # in Kate and then save.

Open webadmin and under media file sync there will be the option to search for cover art via imdb as amazon is not working.

For further reference see forum post

How to go to lmce from kde in 810

advanced > configuration > devices > select your on screen orbiter > send command > activate PC desktop > set the main value to 0, send.