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Well, here it is three months later and i finally have everything networked correctly, tv working and sound running through my RCA receiver. The biggest problem was the networking, which I am ashamed to say. I've been networking PC's for 25 years. Once i realized you couldn't change the subnet on the internal network ( it went fairly simple after that. I had to disable the firewall to get my WinXP orbiter and web admin page to work, since all my other machines are on seperate subnet(192.168.0.X), but that's not a problem since my network router does firewalling for me. By the way, I have two NIC's installed, but only had the external one connected. Wife about had a cow when I ran the first wire, absolutely rejected idea of a second wire, lol. It is recommended using both, with core as gateway and dhcp server for your network. I will try using it as my dhcp server later, but for now I'm happy with it as a client to my network router. Biggest dis-advantage of not having it as the DHCP server is no auto-discovery of media on my network, of which I have tons.

The second biggest headache was correctly configuring the template for my RCA receiver. It has 4 inputs, Aux, DVD, Tuner and USB. My tv is connected to it via composite on the AUX port. My prv-150 is connected to the tv "Front" port via adapter cable to composite, and my comcast cable is connected to PRV-150 on antenna port. The TV has a setting where I can turn off the internal speakers and direct sound to external receiver, the RCA receiver. For some reason, LMCE had a difficult time sending the signal to the AUX port from the tv, even though in Setup Wizard and Connection Wizard all settings showed as correct. After the millionth time setting it up the same way, it just started working, THANK GOD.

Everything else was a piece of cake. The install went perfect. It found everything on my old Gateway pc I have setup as a stand-alone hybrid(don't fall out of your chair laughing) The only problem i have is it isn't recognizing the full gig of RAM I installed. Bios recognizes both slots with 512 in each, but on KDE, it's only showing 512M ram installed. Not a major problem, the system is working fine, but i want it to see and use both chips. After that, I'll be completely satisfied with it.

By the way, I would like to thank Tschak, Golgoj, Tkmedia and a few other folks for their assistance, without which I would probably still be working on getting it right this time next year. After greatly ridiculing me and threatening bodily harm, their patience was extraordinary, especially with such an obnoxious newb like myself. Thanks guys. I owe you big time.